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About the Planetary Geology Group

The Planetary Geology Group (PG Group) and the Ronald Greeley Center of Planetary Studies (RGCPS) are under the direction of Dr. David A. Williams. Located on the main campus of Arizona State University in the metropolitan Phoenix area, the ASU PG Group is in the heart of Arizona with easy access to the state's outstanding geology. Arizona and ASU play major parts in planetary exploration, and the PG Group participates in many of NASA's planetary missions. Current projects involve planetary image analysis, simulations of aeolian processes, planetary mapping, support of field investigations, and planning for space-flight operations, including:

The PG Group and RGCPS support numerous activities in education and public outreach, including "open houses," development of educational materials, web-based exercises, teacher-student activities, and support for university courses in planetary geology.

The RGCPS is a NASA supported Regional Planetary Image Facility (RPIF). The RGCPS collections include terrestrial and planetary images in prints, negatives, and digital formats. Nearly one million images and maps from nearly all lunar and planetary missions, plus collections of ground and aerial photographs of volcanic and aeolian terrains on Earth are housed in RGCPS.

Additional facilities supporting the PG Group include the Image Processing Facility (IMF), the Planetary Geology Laboratory (wind tunnel and vortex generator - ASU main campus), and the ASU Planetary Aeolian Laboratory at the NASA-Ames Research Center in CA.

For additional information regarding the PG Group, our associates, and/or facilities please follow the links listed below.

Space Photography Laboratory

Director: Dr. David A. Williams

RGCPS Data Manager/GIS Specialist: David M. Nelson

Administrative Assistant: Stephanie Holaday

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