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Planetary Geology Group facilities and resources are available to faculty, post-doctoral associates, graduate students, research assistants, and visiting scientists.

The ASU Planetary Aeolian Laboratory at NASA-Ames Research Center (near San Francisco, CA) is operated year-round by the University as a national facility for research on aeolian processes. One wind tunnel operates at martian surface pressures, a second tunnel simulates Titan.

The Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies (RGCPS) is a NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility (RPIF) that contains collections of nearly one million images and maps from nearly all lunar and planetary missions, plus collections of ground and aerial photographs of volcanic and aeolian terrains on Earth. Archival film records from laboratory experiments are also housed in RGCPS and are available for research projects. The RGCPS is located on ASU's Tempe campus; Bateman Physical Science Center F-Wing room-513A

The Image Processing Facility (IPF) is a digital image processing matrix composed of several computer systems with interactive and hard-copy output used for enhancement of images and data obtained by spacecraft. IPF is available to PG Group members for research and other image processing activities. IPF is located in Physical Sciences F-Wing (rooms 513, 513B, 513B1 and 551).

The Planetary Geology Laboratory, on ASU's main campus, houses a 20 m atmospheric boundary-layer wind-tunnel capable of operating up to 40 m sec-1, an area for conducting various experiments, an apparatus to simulate dust devils, a system to run rock abrasion experiments, shop facilities, an area for fabricating apparatus, and storage space for equipment.

In addition to these facilities, conventional field gear, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and meteorological field equipment are available to study various planetary processes, and for field studies analogous to extraterrestrial features.

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