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A Tale of Two Deserts

"A Tale of Two Deserts" consists of two Macromedia Flash files working with the Internet Explorer or Netscape web browsers, on both Windows and Macintosh platforms with the Flash Plug-in. If your system lacks the Flash Plug-in (an error message will appear telling you to get it), you can obtain one on the web at , or simply download an updated version of your web browser.

The "BEGIN" button below opens three new windows to start the exercises. The first window contains the "Two Deserts" section; A second window, just behind the first and offset contains the "Mars surface" section used later in the exercise. A third window, with new images of desert landforms, contains additional comparisons. You should maximize your window size when running the exercises. Your computer might warn you about "Pop-ups". If it does, you will need to allow Pop-ups for these windows to open correctly.

This exercise is also available for download for both Mac and PC in a .ZIP compressed format. If you have a slow internet connection or are using older technology, consider downloading the compressed files and using the exercises from your desktop to increase the performance.

We hope that you find the exercises both informative and enjoyable. Please send comments and suggestions to Thanks!


Mac/PC download

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