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Worlds of Fire

Welcome to Worlds of Fire!

This site provides a set of image-based exercises for teachers and students to explore two volcanically active worlds: the Earth, and Jupiter's moon Io. The site includes global maps of Io and Earth, with key volcanic features located and linked to images, descriptions of the volcanic features and, for Earth, flyover video clips.

To find out the minimum computer hardware and web browser requirements necessary to fully utilize this website and the educational exercises, click on the "Computer Requirements" link at the left.

To explore volcanoes on Io or Earth, or to look at the hands-on explosive volcano model we have developed for demonstration and/or lab exercise use, click on the "Exercises" or "Volcano Model" links at the left. If images of volcanoes seem oddly spaced on any of the pages, simply resize your browser window to obtain your preferred look!

To explore the instruments used to obtain images and other data on Io, or to learn some image/data analysis techniques, click on the "Data Sources and Analysis Techniques" link at the left.

These exercises have been fully annotated with respect to National Science Education Standards areas covered. To review the NSES areas covered in these exercises, click on the "Science Standards" link at the left.

The purpose, funding source, and personnel involved in creating this website can be found by clicking on the "Credits" link at the left.

For viewing of some images and flyover movies of volcanoes on Earth, you will also need to have GoogleEarthTM installed and active on your computer. GoogleEarthTM can be downloaded by clicking on the "Download Google Earth(Free)" button at the website accessed by clicking the "Download GoogleEarthTM" button at the left.

So click on any link at the left to begin your learning experience with Earth and Io, our solar system's volcanically active Worlds of Fire!

Created 30 April 2008
by Steve Kadel and the Planetary Geology Group
School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE)
Arizona State University